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A hearing aid is a device that simply makes the sounds around the wearer louder so that he/she can use what residual hearing is left much more efficiently. The newer digital hearing aids have features that allow for suppression of background noise, remote connection to Blue-Tooth and wireless technology. Although these technological advances are available, they are not perfect by any means. It doesn’t matter how good the device is there will always be some situations or some environment that continues to be challenging for the listener.

Although we represent many different hearing aid manufacturers, Phonak, Siemens, Oticon, Widex, Amplisound, etc., we have our favorites. GN ReSound has, for the past 20 (+) years set the standards for the industry. The most recent advancement is in wireless technology, while other manufactures use the older 900 bandwidth, ReSound uses a 2.4 gig bandwidth allowing them to develop apps for both Apple and Android products.
    "Your commitment to helping those of us with a hearing loss is evident by your interest and commitment to provide the best hearing aid possible. I especially like the remote control."                                                                    

252-977-HEAR [4327]
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