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Hearing Aid Evaluation
Advances in Technology: 
The open platform design of today’s Hearing aids allows us to fit the “person” not just the ‘hearing loss’. The individual’s ‘life style ‘should be taken in to account. For example a person who has a sedentary life style would not need the same technology as a person who is exposed to many different listening situations

Trial Use of the Aid: 
A hearing aid evaluation should include a trial period.  Simply listening to someone speak in the office is not an adequate representation of how well one would do in the real world. During this trial period you should try 
to visit as many places as possible to fully challenge the aids.

Realistic Expectations: 
Although technology has improved tremendously, hearing aids cannot restore hearing to normal, nor will they allow you to hear everything you want to hear. There will always be situations that are challenging just as there are for normal hearing listeners. Your audiologist should help you understand how the aids will function in different listening environments. 

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