The Difference Between Remembering What it Sounded Like & Hearing it Again 


RIE: Receiver in the ear



The newest hearing aids are called either Receiver-In-The- Ear (RIE) or Receiver in the canal (RIC). These aids fit discreetly behind the ear and have a small receiver or speaker in the ear. The receiver is attached to the aid by a thin wire. The advantages of this type of aid:

  • Improved understanding in noise over traditional hearing aids

  • Greater comfort

  • The patient’s own voice is more natural sounding

  • Greater whistle or feedback control

  • Easily reconfigured to compensate for changes in hearing

  • Most repairs can be done in the office




traditional hearing aid.jpg


For those wanting a more traditional hearing aid, we offer custom in the canal and the new IIC which is a deep insertion aid that is almost completely invisible. The traditional hearing aids have the same technology as the RIE, the difference is how the hearing aid is "cased". All traditional hearing aids require an impression to be taken of the ear canal so that a custom "shell" can be made for the individual user.






The easy-to-use wireless hearing aid accessories work with ReSound hearing aids to help you hear things that are outside the range of any hearing aid. And they do it discreetly, without devices to wear around your neck. This is thanks to 2.4 GHz wireless technology, a robust and reliable standard, which gives you strong, clear and stable connections. Drs. Keeter or Mize will be happy to discuss how these wireless systems can improve your listening experience.